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And so it begins

Lis Peery


Six years ago, we had a dream: to give Mortal Trend co-founder Lachlan MacKenzie the chance to return to one of his first passions: designing clothes. Today, as we launch, we are finally realizing that dream.

None of this would be happening if it weren't for the love, support and patience with which we have been surrounded by our community of family, friends and some strangers, too. From the very early days of making one pattern and one sample at a time when we could afford to, to the successful funding of our Kickstarter campaign so that we could produce the clothes you see here, people have been unbelievably wonderful. (If you want to have your faith restored in people and your community, start a small business. It will blow your mind.)

As we launch the website, we are unspeakably grateful to those of you who have stood by us from the beginning, those of you who Pledged so generously to the Kickstarter campaign and those of you who have stepped in along the way to help us achieve our goal of making simple yet stylish clothing, of the highest quality, right here in Los Angeles, CA.  

We'd like to especially acknowledge Melissa O'Neil, Eden Tyler, Michael Clifford, Anais Rodgers, Kale Teter, Paul Greene, Cherie Ditcham, Dean Barlage and Karen Sharpe for the extraordinary photo shoot that happened last week at Pt. Dume State Beach. This website wouldn't be launching today without your time, energy and talent.

We hope you like the site. It's still a work in progress so feel free to give us your feedback.

Mostly, however, we hope you like the clothes. They are the result not only of Lachlan's dream and vision, but of the faith, hard work and endurance of us both. 


Lachlan MacKenzie and Lis Peery

Founders, Mortal Trend Clothing